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Multi-Color LED Lights with Remotes

Now you can have it all with these versatile remote-controlled multi-color LED lights at affordable prices! Enhance your mood by adding a splash of color wherever you want. The slim-line infrared remotes give you one-touch access to all the colors, plus built-in flashing, fading and dimming modes. And the best part is that they're so energy efficient! 

Finally an Affordable
  • Now you can get a high-quality architectural floodlights without spending thousands of dollars!
  • 15 Rich Vivid Colors plus White!
  • Features an adjustable bracket for easy mounting, or can be used as free-standing.
  • The infrared remote features one-touch color changing, and smooth color fade and awesome color stobe modes!
  • Extremely wide 120° beam angle! Use to light-up the outside of your house or deck.
  • Great for use in nightclubs or restaurants with patios!
10-Watt Floodlight
Only $59.95!
30-Watt Floodlight
Only $99.95!

3.66" Diameter Globe
Looking for a remote-controlled multi-color decorative bulb? Look no further! This is it!
  • 24 internal LED's for an even glow - no hot spots!
  • 7 Rich Vivid Colors including White with 4 dim levels
  • Solid-color or 2-speed flashing and fading modes
  • Instant access to any color or mode
  • Even beam spread of 120° for wide-angle coverage
  • Very energy efficient - uses only 3.8 watts!
  • Compare its brightness to a 25-watt incandescent bulb!
  • 120VAC with standard medium screw-type base
  • One remote works any number of bulbs, and is compatible with the LED spotlights above!
 Only $27.95!  

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